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If you are a Georgia resident legal entity involved in: 

  • Export from Georgia; 
  • Product import to Georgia from the Black Sea basin countries; 
  • Importing products for re-export, 20% of which are produced in Georgia. 


Cartu Bank offers you an export-import support program under which you can get funding for the following purposes:

  • Working assets financing;
  • Acquisition /privatization /construction/lease/ renovation of an enterprise, office, a warehouse; 
  • Acquisition and repair of machinery; 
  • Acquisition of inventory; 
  • Meeting liabilities.

Credit amount  100,000 - 1,500,000 USD
Credit currency GEL, USD, EUR
Instrument Credit line, Loan, Overdraft, Letter of credit, Guarantee

Except for the exceptions established by the law, the loans under 200,000 GEL (and equivalent in USD/EUR) shall be disbursed only in GEL. 


The import-export crediting program offers you: 

  • A business-specific credit repayment schedule; 
  • Bank’s present for the company founders and the Top Management: VISA/MasterCard Gold cards.


For more information, please call us 24 hours a day at (+995 32) 200 80 80 or visit the nearest service center.