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Cartu Bank is closely involved in the Produce in Georgia State Program coordinated by the Georgian Ministries of Economy and Sustainable Development and Agriculture. The project is designed for industry and agriculture.


Program aims at development of entrepreneurship, to support to the existing and new businesses, expand and re-equipment of enterprises in Georgia.

Under the program you can get financing for production of:

  • Food products;
  • Non-alcoholic beverages; 
  • Cigars, cigarillos and cigarettes;
  • Bitumen and bitumen substances; 
  • Chemical and the associated products; 
  • Plastic and plastic products, caoutchouc, rubber and products thereof;
  • Bark and its products; 
  • Textiles, including clothes, shoes, thread (woolen, silk), leather products;
  • Stone, plaster, cement, asbestos, mica etc. products, ceramics, glassware; 
  • Basic metals and products thereof; 
  • Machinery, equipment, devices, electrical appliance and spare parts thereof, recording and sound reproducing equipment, TV sets and recording, sound reproducing equipment, spare parts and accessories thereof;
  • Overland transport, flying machines, vessels and the appliance and machinery thereof;
  • Natural or cultured pearl, precious or semi-precious stones, or the precious metal - coated ones, articles thereof, sham jewelry, coins; 
  • Various industrial products.



Within the frameworks of the Produce in Georgia Program, implemented jointly with the Agricultural Projects’ Management Agency, Cartu Bank is crediting new agricultural enterprises or expansion thereof.

You can get the credit for the purposes below:
Funding primary agricultural enterprises :

  • High-tech hothouse facilities for vegetables, berries, greens and mashrooms;
  • High-tech intensive cattle breeding farm (diary and meat production); 
  • High-tech intensive pig farm; 
  • High-tech intensive poultry farm (for meat production and breeding); 
  • High-tech intensive valuable fur animal farm; 
  • High-tech intensive fishery; 
  • Apiculture products; 
  • Bulbs and seedlings; 
  • Perennial plant gardens, vineyards, plantations, etc.

Funding the agricultural products processing plants:

  • Fruit, berry, vegetable, mushroom, citrus processing; 
  • Walnut, nut, peanut etc. juglandaceous plant processing; 
  • Wool, leather processing; 
  • Laurel, tea, tobacco processing; 
  • Meat and milk processing; 
  • Vegetable fat (vegetable oil, margarine, cooking butter) and halvah production; 
  • Essential oils and spices production; 
  • Slaughter house; 
  • Apiculture product processing; 
  • Fodder production for domestic animals, poultry and fish.

Funding of agricultural infrastructure:

  • Warehouses for agricultural products; 
  • Grain dryers; 
  • Refrigerators for agricultural products.



  • Renovation and furnishing the facilities;
  • Construction and furnishing new facilities; 
  • Purchase, installation of technological lines, climate formation machinery and equipment, freezers, power generators, irrigational systems, milking machinery, fodder production machinery etc.; 
  • Connecting to water, power, natural gas and sewage systems; 
  • Fencing and alarm system installation at agricultural facilities; 
  • Purchase and installation of storage chambers, shelves, cisterns etc.; 
  • Purchase of special-purpose machinery and trailers (loader, dung removers, fodder mixers, etc.); 
  • Purchase of breeding and highly productive cattle, poultry, fish, valuable fur animals; 
  • Construction and equipment of fish tanks and pools 
  • Planting and maintenance of perennial crops, including: 
    • Wine, raisin and table wine vine species; 
    • Stone and seed fruit; 
    • Juglandaceous plants; 
    • Berries; 
    • Citruses etc. Subtropical crops;
    • Tea, laurel etc. Technical crops; 
    • Bark and fact growing plants.


Credit amount:

  • Min: 600,000 USD
  • Max: 2,000,000 USD


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