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For more convenience in maintaining your account(s), receive the Cartu Bank operational service products (current account, Internet Banking, SMS, automatic transfers, 24/7 Call Center service) etc. Our highly qualified staff will help you in effecting a transaction.


For the purpose of the banking operation below, open free current account(s) with Cartu Bank in the national and foreign currencies.

  • Checking account turnover/getting a bank statement; 
  • Replenishment;
  • Sum withdrawal; 
  • Intra-bank, across the country and world transfers; 
  • Conversion in own account; 
  • Utility payments; 
  • and others.


Account opening Free
Account maintenance Free
Bank statement Free
SWIFT statement Free
Preparation and issuance of a certificate or any other form 10 GEL
Preparation and issuance of a certificate or any other form and delivery at desire place  15 GEL
Lost document renewal Up to 3 months time 5 GEL
More than 3 months time 10 GEL
Dead account commission 1 GEL per month

*The dead account commission will be cut off if client hasn’t made transactions on any own account during last 1 year.

The dead account commission will not be cut off if the client’s obligation to maintain the account  is specified in another contract executed with the bank / the bank interests or if the account is necessary for bank’s compliance with legal requirements (within the term the aforesaid is effective).

The commission will be active after September 3, 2018.

National currency 0.05%, min. 0.50 GEL
USD and Russian ruble  0.2%, min. 25 USD, max. 500 USD
Euro and other foreign currency 0.2%, min. 25 EUR, max. 500 EUR
Intra-bank transfers Free
Guaranteed transfers 35 USD/25 EUR
Amandement/investigation/cancelation 50 USD/EUR

Within the deposited amount Free
Within the transferred amount National currency 0.2%, min. 0.50 GEL
Foreign currency 0.5%, min. 0.50 USD

Cash placement on the account Free

Conversion As per the Bank’s exchange rate
Utility payments 0.5 GEL

The Cartu Bank remote services allow you remote maintenance of your personal accounts, remote transfers, conversions, banking operations, etc. 

For more information, please call us 24 hours a day at (+995 32) 200 80 80 or visit the nearest service center. 

the deposited amount