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Cartu Bank offers you top security VISA/MasterCard Business and Business E-card cards by which you can freely dispose of your company and staff business expenses. With these cards you and your staff can efficiently effect transactions in Georgia and abroad.



  • Daily unlimited transactions at the outlets; 
  • Card usage at the local outlets (POS payment) and Georgian Internet stores free of charge; 
  • The interest below shall be accrued to the balance in the USD account (min. 500 USD) - annual - 0.05%.


Card term 2 years
Currency GEL/USD/EUR
Card issuance  Free
New/renewed card annual service  120 GEL
Min balance 0
Lost card renewal 20 GEL
Damaged card renewal 10 GEL
Express card issuance 20 GEL
Put on stop list Local  Free
International 95 GEL
PIN code restoration Free
Conversion commission for an international transaction VISA 2%
MasterCard Free
Over expenditure annual commission 36%
VISA/MasterCard commission for charging a transfer to a card account Free
VISA/MasterCard commission for refund to a card account 2%

ATM Cartu Bank

Visa/Mastercard Business - 0.2%

Business E-card - 2%, min. 9 GEL | 3 USD/EUR

Partner banks ** 

Visa/Mastercard Business:

Liberty Bank - 0.2%

Other partner banks - 0.25%

Business E-card - 2%, min. 9 GEL | 3 USD/EUR 

Other banks in Georgia

Visa/Mastercard Business - 2%, min 6 GEL | 2 USD/EUR

Business E-card - 2%, min. 9 GEL | 3 USD/EUR

Other banks abroad 2%, min 9 GEL | 3 USD/EUR
Bank Cartu Bank

Visa/Mastercard Business - 0.5%

Business E-card - 2%, min. 9 GEL | 3 USD/EUR

Liberty Bank 2%, min. 9 GEL | 3 USD/EUR
Other partner bank 2%, min. 10 GEL | 3.5 USD/EUR
Other banks 2%, min 10 GEL | 3.5 USD/EUR
Commission at outlets/Internet stores Georgia Free
Abroad (Business card) 0.1%, min 3 GEL | 1 USD/EUR
Abroad (Business E-card) 0%

** Partner banks: JSC Basis Bank

Cartu bank Unlimited
ATM and other banks 20,000 GEL
Daily transaction limit at outlets/Internet stores 50,000 GEL


Top Security Standard

Cartu Bank business card users are provided with top security standards:

  • Verifed by VISA (VBV) security service – for VISA business cards
  • MasterCard Secure Code security service – for MasterCard business cards


The security services protect your card from unsanctioned use. For an online transaction, you will need a onetime dynamic password, which you will get to your mobile phone number registered with the Bank.


For more information, please call us 24 hours a day at (+995 32) 200 80 80 or visit the nearest service center.