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Mobile Bank is an application making it possible to manage your finances with your mobile phone and affect banking transaction 7/24.

The application named cartu bank mobile app. is available in the Play Store and AppStore search engines.


Customers holding a full Internet bank package get the mobile bank for free.

You can activate the mobile bank application only if you are the Internet bank user.

Main functions:

  • account balance control;
  • deposit monitoring;
  • loan monitoring;
  • transfers in any direction;
  • checking the NBG and the Bank’s exchange rates;
  • conversion in own accounts;
  • payments of bills;
  • topping up the mobile phone balance from own account;
  • search for the nearest service centers and ATMs;
  • communication with the Bank.


Safety rules:

  • upon completion, press “Exit”;
  • if without a code, do not make your mobile phone available to third persons;
  • do not tell a third person your username, password etc. confidential information and do not store it in your mobile phone;
  • do not email your personal information;
  • do not install “jailbreak” to your mobile phone, with the mobile bank application in place;
  • do not respond to suspicious voice and text messages and email.