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Mastercard World Elite is a premium class card, the exclusive package of which highlights the status and lifestyle of its holder.

Mastercard World Elite offers special terms, unlimited spending, insurance of the purchased products, discounts at the hotels, trade centers and restaurants worldwide etc., unique privileges, namely:

  • Georgian concierge service  - 24/7
    • Mastercard Lounge Service – at the airports
    • the AVIS and HERTZ car rent discount.
    • worldwide WI-FI access
  • within the validity term of the card, the holder gets presents, such as:
    • full Internet bank
    • SMS service
  • The interest below shall be accrued to the balance in the USD account (min. 500 USD) - annual - 0.05%.

  (See the detailed information below)


General Terms
 Card term  2 years
 Currency  GEL/USD/EUR
Manufacture/replacement the main/additional card Free
Annual service of a new/replaced main card 20 GEL every month
 Annual service of a new/replaced additional card   20 GEL every month
 Minimal balance*  100 USD
 Express manufacture of the card 20 GEL
Card placement on the top list  Local Free
International 70 GEL
 Restoration of the PIN-code Free
Conversion fee for an international transaction   Free
 Overdraft annual commission 36%
 Commission for charging a sum by VISA/MasterCard Free
VISA/MasterCard commission for refund to a card accoun 0%

* Minimal balance for non-resident natural persons – 1.000 USD or its equivalent. The customer is not authorized to use the sum within the validity term of the card.


Monetization Fee
Monetization via ATM Cartu Bank/Liberty Bank Free
Partner bank **  0.25%
Other banks in Georgia 2%, min. 3 GEL / 1 USD/euro
Other banks abroad 2%, min. 9 GEL /3 USD/euro
Bank monetization Cartu Bank 0.5%
Liberty Bank 2%, min. 9 GEL /3 USD/euro
Other banks  2%, min. 10 GEL / 3.5 USD/euro
Commission at outlets/online shops  
  Georgia/abroad Free

** Partner bank – Basis Bank JSC


Monetization Daily Limit
Cartu Bank Unlimited
ATMs etc. banks 30,000 GEL
Transaction daily limit at outlets/online shops 100,000 GEL


Top Security Standard:

The Cartu Bank Mastercard World Elite card holders are offered the Mastercard Secure Code top security service.

The security service protects your card from the unauthorized use. For an online transaction, you need a one-time dynamic password to be sent to your mobile phone number registered with the bank.


For detailed information contact us 24/7, Tel: *8080; (032) 200 80 80 or visit our nearest service center.


Appendix: privileges enjoyed by the Mastercard World Elite cardholder:

  • Georgian concierge service  - 24/7. Tel (+99532) 242 35 55
  • Mastercard Lounge Service – at the airports[1]: free VIP-lounge; you are to be the holder of a valid card with 5$ balance in it. Visit to the other cities: 32 USD. Look for the lounges at: https://airport.mastercard.com/
  • The AVIS and HERTZ car rent discount.

For the AVIS discount, you have to:

    • the AVIS club one-time registration at: www.avispreferred.eu
    • upon entering its email, the card holder specifies „Leisure” as the account type;
    • promotion code: Mastercard World Elite solely
    • completion of registration form;
    • at the registration you don’t have to specify a bank.

For the HERTZ discount you have to:

Travel booking offers – pay with Mastercard World Elite om booking.com and get 10% discount.

To get discount follow - https://sp.booking.com/gating/authkey?aid=2280160&key=S1Tvwu1WZZ&label=ge-priceless

[1] See the list of the airports at: https://airport.mastercard.com/