Bank Guarantee

The guarantee is a bank instrument allowing minimization of the principal’s and beneficiary’s risks, which is the unconditional commitment of the bank to pay a sum at the beneficiary’s request in writing in case of default by the principal.
Cartu Bank issues both the local and international guarantees.


The international guarantee may be

  • direct guarantee: the letter of guarantee submitted to the beneficiary without certification
  • certified guarantee: the letter of guarantee certified by a first-class bank.



  • compared to the other credit instruments interest rate is lower
  • smaller risks are associated with the local and international transactions.


General Terms



Volume of the guarantee

On a case-by-case basis

Primary Collateral

  • movable/immovable property
  • monetary collateral - private money resources of a company /individuals
  • a deposit opened with Cartu Bank JSC on the name of a person

Additional Collateral

  • personal surety
  • a third person’s(s) personal or/and corporate surety
  • pledge of the intangible assets
Insurance On a case-by-case basis
Frequency/schedule of interest payment On a case-by-case basis