VISA Classic/Mastercard Standard

VISA Classic/MasterCard Standard, the medium class cards stand out for high limit cashing and settlement. They can be used at millions of outlets /service centers across the world and also for e-commerce.


  • Both in Georgia and abroad, the VISA/Mastercard Gold cardholders are offered special discounts
  • The interest below shall be accrued to the balance in the USD account (min. 500 USD) - annual - 0.05%.



Card term2 years
Currency GEL/USD/EUR
Main/additional card issuance Free
New/renewed main card annual service 10 GEL
New/renewed additional card annual service 10 GEL
Min. balance* 0 USD
Lost card renewal Free
Put on stop list Local Free
International 95 GEL
PIN code restoration Free
Conversion commission for an international transaction VISA 2%
MasterCard Free
Over expenditure annual commission 36%
VISA/MasterCard commission for charging a transfer to a card account Free
VISA/MasterCard commission for refund to a card account 2%
* Min. balance for non-resident individuals – 1,000 USD.



 ATM  Other banks in Georgia


Basis Bank 0.25%
Other banks in Georgia 2%, min. 3 GEL/1 USD/1 EUR
Other banks abroad 2%, min. 9 GEL/3 USD/3 EUR
Bank Cartu Bank 0.5%
Liberty Bank 2%, min. 9 GEL/3 USD/3 EUR
Other banks 2%, min. 10 GEL/3.5 USD/EUR
Commission at outlets/Online stores Georgia Free
Abroad 0.1%, min. 3 GEL/1 USD/1 EUR



Cartu Bank


ATMs and other banks 5,000 GEL
Daily transaction limit at outlets/internet stores 10,000 GEL
For opening a deposit account 10,001 - 25,000 GEL (or the equivalent in the relevant currency), you will be given a VISA/MasterCard Gold plastic card as a gift.

Top Security Standard

Cartu Bank VISA Classic/MasterCard Standard Card users are provided with top security standards:

  • Verified by VISA (VBV) security service – for VISA Classic cards
  • Mastercard Secure Code security service –  for MasterCard Standard cards

The security services protect your card from unsanctioned use. For an online transaction, you will need a onetime dynamic password, which you will get to your mobile phone number registered with the Bank.


You can deposit money to current / card accounts in JSC "Cartu Bank" 24/7 with JSC "Bank of  Georgia" Pay Boxes. For details see link.


For more information, please call us 24 hours a day at *8080, (+995 32) 200 80 80 or visit the nearest service center.