Business Overdraft Card

If you need short-term financial resources for your company, use Cartu Bank Business Overdraft to get the desired sum quickly and conveniently.

Business Overdraft is a credit limit on your business card.

User - a client of the Bank, a sole entrepreneur or a legal entity, who has a current credit liability towards Cartu Bank.

Card type - VISA Business/Mastercard Business.

Terms of the Business Overdraft Card:

  • Issuance/annual service of the business card - free
  • Currency - GEL
  • Overdraft limit - 5,000-30,000 GEL
  • Repayment schedule (full coverage) – at the end of 180th days
  • Interest payment - at the end of 180 days
  • Interest rate – annual 16-19% (effective rate - 18.39%-21.91%)
  • Penalty for delayed payment of the principle - annual 24%


During the use of the Business Overdraft, the card user will be given Visa/Mastercard Gold for free.

For additional information call 7/24: *8080; (032) 200 80 80 or visit our nearest Service center.