Documentary Collection

The documentary collection is a type of cashless payment allowing circulation of various documents via the bank channels. User of the documentary collection may be a self-employed person, or a legal entity registered according to the Laws of Georgia.


In case of the documentary collection, the main function of the buyer’s servicing bank is transfer of the submitted documents according to the relevant instruction.

The documents are transferred as follows:

  • D/P – “Documents against payment” – documents are transferred to the buyer upon payment
  • D/A – “Documents against Acceptance” - documents are transferred to the buyer against acceptance of the promissory note and the payment term is pre-determined in the instruction of the documentary collection. This includes involvement in the transaction of the promissory note attached to the documents.


General Terms


Not defined

Volume of the guarantee

On a case-by-case basis


Not required


Not required

Frequency/schedule of interest payment

On a case-by-case basis