Escrow Account

If you are interested in sale or purchase of real property, vehicles and securities, the Cartu Bank ESCROW account makes the transaction safe and comfortable.

The service is simple:

  • The Bank settles the legal formalities
  • Upon execution of a contract and on condition of meeting its obligation, the amount in full will be paid to the seller
  • In case of default, the buyer will not lose the money.
  • The buyer opens an ESCROW account with Cartu Bank to place the transaction amount


ESCROW account advantages:

  • Secure and mutually guaranteed trade transaction
  • Small service commission
  • Convenient payment term

ESCROW account conditions:

  • Purpose
            Real property sale-purchase
            Vehicle sale-purchase
            Sale-purchase of securities (shares, stock etc.)
  • Account currency - GEL
  • Account term
            Max - 6 months
  • Amount – unlimited



Transaction of over 5 working days
  • 0.2% - 1% (min. 100 GEL, max 25,000 GEL)

 Transaction of over 5 working days

Up to 400,000 GEL        100 GEL

400,001 GEL and more

  • 0.05%-5% (min. 200 GEL, max 25,000 GEL)