Google Pay

Cartu Bank offers its Visa cardholder customers a contactless payment method with Google Pay™.

The service will be active from February 3, current year.

Owners of Android devices can add their Visa cards to Google Wallet and tap to pay with Google Pay quickly, simply, and securely.


 Google pay instructions

How to add a card to Google Wallet™:

  • Open Google Wallet or Download it on your Android device from the Play Store
  • Open the app and tap “Add a card”
  • Add card details by taking a picture or enter the card details manually
  • Tap “Save and Continue”
  • Read and confirm Terms and Conditions
  • Your Visa card has been added to Google Wallet successfully.


Where and how can we pay with Google Pay:

With your Android devices you can pay with Google Pay in store where you see the below signs.




  • Unlock your Android device
  • Hold the device near the reader
  • The operation has been finished successfully.

You can also pay with Google Pay online where you see the “Buy with GPay button.”